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Brautente {f} [ornith.]Wood Duck
Amazonasente {f} [ornith.]Brazilian Teal
Nordamerik. Pfeifente {f} [ornith.]American Wigeon
Aucklandente {f} [ornith.]New Zealand teal
Bahamaente {f} [ornith.]Bahama Pintail
Bernierente {f} [ornith.]Madagascar Teal
Fahlente {f} [ornith.]Cape Teal
Amerik. Krickente {f} [ornith.]Green-winged Teal
Kastanienente {f} [ornith.]Chestnut-breasted Teal
Zimtente {f} [ornith.]Cinnamon Teal
Rotschnabelente {f} [ornith.]Red-billed Teal
Andenente {f} [ornith.]Chilean Teal
Spitzschwanzente {f} [ornith.]Georgian Teal
Weißkehlente {f} [ornith.]Grey Teal
Philippinenente {f} [ornith.]Philippine Duck
Madagaskarente {f} [ornith.]Meller's Duck
Fuchslöffelente {f} [ornith.]Argentine Shoveller
Fleckschnabelente {f} [ornith.]Spotbilled Duck
Hottentottenente {f} [ornith.]Hottentot Teal
Halbmond-Löffelente {f} [ornith.]Australian Shoveller
Dunkelente {f} [ornith.]North American Black Duck
Chilepfeifente {f} [ornith.]Chiloe Wigeon
Kaplöffelente {f} [ornith.]Cape Shoveller
Schwarzente {f} [ornith.]African Black Duck
Schopfente {f} [ornith.]Crested Duck
Kupferspiegelente {f} [ornith.]Bronze-winged Duck
Augenbrauenente {f} [ornith.]Pacific Black Duck
Gelbschnabelente {f} [ornith.]African Yellow-billed Duck
Silberente {f} [ornith.]Versicolor Teal
Salvadoriente {f} [ornith.]Salvadori's Duck
Kaisergans {f} [ornith.]Empeor Goose
Schwanengans {f} [ornith.]Swan Goose
Streifengans {f} [ornith.]Bar-headed Goose
Zwergschneegans {f} [ornith.]Ross's Goose
Spaltfußgans {f} [ornith.]Magpie Goose
Rotkopfente {f} [ornith.]Redhead
Tasmanmoorente {f} [ornith.]Australian White-eyed Duck
Baermoorente {f} [ornith.]Baer's Pochard
Madagaskarmoorente {f} [ornith.]Madagascar Pochard
Maoriente {f} [ornith.]New Zealand Scaup
Riesentafelente {f} [ornith.]Canvasback
Lappenente {f} [ornith.]Musk Duck
Hawaiigans {f} [ornith.]Hawaiiian Goose
Büffelkopfente {f} [ornith.]Buffledhead
Moschusente {f} [ornith.]Muscovy Duck
Weißflügel-Moschusente {f} [ornith.]White-winged Wood Duck
Rotschulterente {f} [ornith.]Ringed Teal
Hühnergans {f} [ornith.]Cereopsis Goose
Mähnengans {f} [ornith.]Maned Goose
Kelpgans {f} [ornith.]Kelp Goose
Andengans {f} [ornith.]Andean Goose
Magellangans {f} [ornith.]Magellan Goose
Graukopfgans {f} [ornith.]Ashy-headed Goose
Rotkopfgans {f} [ornith.]Ruddy-headed Goose
Coscorobaschwan {m} [ornith.]Coscoroba Swan
Blauflügelgans {f} [ornith.]Blue-winged Goose
Schwarzschwan {m} [ornith.]Black Swan
Trompeterschwan {m} [ornith.]Trumpeter Swan
Pfeifschwan {m} [ornith.]Whistling Swan
Schwarzhalsschwan {m} [ornith.]Black-necked Swan
Kubapfeifgans {f} [ornith.]Black-billed Whistling Duck
Wanderpfeifgans {f} [ornith.]Wandering Whistling Duck
Rotschnabel-Pfeifgans {f} [ornith.]Red-billed Whistling Duck
Gelbbrust-Pfeifgans {f} [ornith.]Fulvous Whistling Duck
Gelbfuß-Pfeifgans {f} [ornith.]Plumed Whistling Duck
Tüpfelpfeifgans {f} [ornith.]Spotted Whistling Duck
Javapfeifgans {f} [ornith.]Lesser Whistling Duck
Witwenpfeifgans {f} [ornith.]White-faced Whistling Duck
Kuckucksente {f} [ornith.]Black-headed Duck
Saumschnabelente {f} [ornith.]Mountain Duck
Rosenohrente {f} [ornith.]Pink-eared Duck
Amerik. Trauerente {f} [ornith.]American Black Scoter
Sturzbachente {f} [ornith.]Torrent Duck
Kappensäger {m} [ornith.]Hooded Merganser
Dunkelsäger {m} [ornith.]Brazilian Merganser
Schuhschnabel {m} [ornith.]Whale-headed Stor
Schuppensäger {m} [ornith.]Chinese Merganser
Orinokogans {f} [ornith.]Orinoco Goose
Rotaugenente {f} [ornith.]Southern Pochard
Rosenschnabelente {f} [ornith.]Rosybill
Afrikanische Zwergente {f} [ornith.]African Pygmy Goose
Koromandelzwergente {f} [ornith.]Cotton Teal
Australische Zwergente {f} [ornith.]Green Pygmy Goose
Schwarzkinn-Ruderente {f} [ornith.]Australian Blue-billed Duck
Maskenruderente {f} [ornith.]Masked Duck
Afrikaruderente {f} [ornith.]Maccoa Duck
Bindenruderente {f} [ornith.]Argentine Lake Duck
Sporngans {f} [ornith.]Spur-winged Goose
Hartlaubente {f} [ornith.]Hartlaub's Duck
Nelkenente {f} [ornith.]Pink-headed Duck
Glanzente {f} [ornith.]Comb Duck
Plüschkopfente {f} [ornith.]Spectacled Eider
Affengans {f} [ornith.]Freckled Duck
Falkland-Dampfschiffente {f} [ornith.]Falkland Is Flightless Steamer Duck
Weißkopf-Damfschiffente {f} [ornith.]White-headed Flightless Steamer D.
Langflügel-Dampfschiffente {f} [ornith.]Flying Steamer Duck
Magellan-Dampfschiffente {f} [ornith.]Flightless Steamer Duck
Graukopfkasarka [ornith.]South African Shelduck
Schopfkasarka [ornith.]Crested Shelduck
Radjahgans {f} [ornith.]Radjah Shelduck
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