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Goldstrichellori {m} [ornith.]Fairy Lorikeet
Rotkinnlori {m} [ornith.]Red-chinned Lorikeet
Rotstirnlori {m} [ornith.]Red-spotted Lorikeet
Burolori {m} [ornith.]Blue-fronted Lorikeet
Elfenlori {m} [ornith.]Wilhelmina's Lorikeet
Rotlori {m} [ornith.]Red Lory
Schwarzschulterlori {m} [ornith.]Black-winged Lory
Harlekinlori {m} [ornith.]Red & Blue Lory
Strichellori {m} [ornith.]Blue-streaked Lory
Halbmaskenlori {m} [ornith.]Blue-eared Lory
Kapuzenlori {m} [ornith.]Violet-necked Lory
Moschuslori {m} [ornith.]Musk Lorikeet
Blauscheitellori {m} [ornith.]Purple-crowned Lorikeet
Zwergmoschuslori {m} [ornith.]Little Lorikeet
Weißnackenlori {m} [ornith.]White-naped Lory
Louisiadenlori {m} [ornith.]Stresemann's Lory
Grünschwanzlori {m} [ornith.]Yellow-bibbed Lory
Erzlori {m} [ornith.]Purple-naped Lory
Prachtlori {m} [ornith.]Chattering Lory
Schwarzsteißlori {m} [ornith.]Purple-bellied Lory
Frauenlori {m} [ornith.]Black-capped Lory
Blauschenkellori {m} [ornith.]Blue-thighed Lory
Gelbschnabel-Berglori {m} [ornith.]Musschenbroek's Lorikeet
Orangeschnabel-Berglori {m} [ornith.]Emerald Lorikeet
Arfakalori {m} [ornith.]Whiskered Lorikeet
Einsiedlerlori {m} [ornith.]Collared Lory
Weißbürzellori {m} [ornith.]Dusky Lory
Schuppenlori {m} [ornith.]Scaly-breasted Lorikeet
Gelbkopflori {m} [ornith.]Perfect Lorikeet
Celebeslori {m} [ornith.]Yellow & Green Lorikeet
Veilchenlori {m} [ornith.]Goldie's Lorikeet
Allfarblori {m} [ornith.]Rainbow Lory
Irislori {m} [ornith.]Iris Lorikeet
Mindanaolori {m} [ornith.]Johnstone's Lorikeet
Schmucklori {m} [ornith.]Ornata Lory
Kirschlori {m} [ornith.]Ponape Lory
Buntlori {m} [ornith.]Varied Lorikeet
Blaukäppchen {n} [ornith.]Blue-crowned Lory
Rubinlori {m} [ornith.]Kuhl's Lory
Saphirlori {m} [ornith.]Tahitian Lory
Hendersonlori {m} [ornith.]Stephen's Lory
Ultramarinlori {m} [ornith.]Ultramarine Lory
Weißhaubenkakadu {m} [ornith.]White Cockatoo
Salomonenkakadu {m} [ornith.]Durcorp's Cockatoo
Gelbhaubenkakadu {m} [ornith.]Sulphur-crested Cockatoo
Goffinkakadu {m} [ornith.]Goffin's Cockatoo
Rotsteißkakadu {m} [ornith.]Red-vented Cockatoo
Molukkenkakadu {m} [ornith.]Salmon-crested Cockatoo
Brillenkakadu {m} [ornith.]Blue-eyed Cockatoo
Wühlerkakadu {m} [ornith.]Eastern Long-billed Corella
Nacktaugenkakadu {m} [ornith.]Little Corella
Gelbwangenkakadu {m} [ornith.]Lesser Sulphur-crested Cockatoo
Nasenkakadu {m} [ornith.]Long-billed Corella
Helmkakadu {m} [ornith.]Gang-gang Cockatoo
Rabenkakadu {m} [ornith.]Red-tailed Black Cockatoo
Langschnabel-Rußkakadu {m} [ornith.]Long-billed Black Cockatoo
Gelbschwanz-Rußkakadu {m} [ornith.]Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo
Braunkopfkakadu {m} [ornith.]Glossy Cockatoo
Weißschwanz-Rußkakadu {m} [ornith.]Short-billed Black Cockatoo
Rosakakadu {m} [ornith.]Galah
Arakakadu {m} [ornith.]Palm Cockatoo
Grauköpfchen {n} [ornith.]Grey-headed Lovebird
Pfirsichköpfchen {n} [ornith.]Fischer's Lovebird
Erdbeerköpfchen {n} [ornith.]Nyasa Lovebird
Rußköpfchen {n} [ornith.]Black-cheeked Lovebird
Schwarzköpfchen {n} [ornith.]Masked Lovebird
Orangeköpfchen {n} [ornith.]Red-faced Lovebird
Rosenköpfchen {n} [ornith.]Peach-faced Lovebird
Grünköpchen {n} [ornith.]Black-collared Lovebird
Tarantapapagei {m} [ornith.]Black-winged Lovebird
Amboinasittich {m} [ornith.]Amboina King Parrot
Papuasittich {m} [ornith.]Green-winged King Parrot
Königssittich {m} [ornith.]Australian King Parrot
Rotbugamazone {f} [ornith.]Blue-fronted Amazon
Rotspiegelamazone {f} [ornith.]Black-billed Amazon
Weißstirnamazone {f} [ornith.]White-fronted Amazon
Venezuelaamazone {f} [ornith.]Orange-winged Amazon
Blaukopfamazone {f} [ornith.]Red-necked Amazon
Gelbnackenamazone {f} [ornith.]Yellow-naped Amazon
Rotstirnamazone {f} [ornith.]Red-lored Amazon
Gelbflügelamazone {f} [ornith.]Yellow-shouldered Amazon
Rotschwanzamazone {f} [ornith.]Red-tailed Amazon
Jamaikaamazone {f} [ornith.]Yellow-billed Amazon
Goldmaskenamazone {f} [ornith.]Blue-cheeked Amazon
Mülleramazone {f} [ornith.]Mealy Amazon
Blaubartamazone {f} [ornith.]Festive Amazon
Blaukappenamazone {f} [ornith.]Lilac-crowned Amazon
Königsamazone {f} [ornith.]St Vincent Amazon
Kaiseramazone {f} [ornith.]Imperial Amazon
Kubaamazone {f} [ornith.]Cuban Amazon
Soldatenamazone {f} [ornith.]Scaly-naped Amazon
Gelbscheitelamazone {f} [ornith.]Yellow-crowned Amazon
Gelbkopfamazone {f} [ornith.]Yellow-headed Amazon
Prachtamazone {f} [ornith.]Red-spectacled Amazon
Tucumanaamazone {f} [ornith.]Tucuman Amazon
Haitiamazone {f} [ornith.]Hispaniolan Amazon
Blaustirnamazone {f} [ornith.]St Lucia Amazon
Taubenhalsamazone {f} [ornith.]Vinaceous Amazon
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