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Pemba-Zwergohreule {f} [ornith.]Pemba Scops Owl
Zimtkreischeule {f} [ornith.]Cinnamon Screech Owl
Palaueule {f} [ornith.]Palau Scops Owl
Buscheule {f} [ornith.]Peruvian Screech Owl
Röteleule {f} [ornith.]Rufous Scops Owl
Madagaskar-Zwergohreule {f} [ornith.]Madagascar Scops Owl
Weißstirneule {f} [ornith.]White-fronted Scops Owl
Büschelkreischeule {f} [ornith.]Long-tufted Screech Owl
Balsaskreischeule {f} [ornith.]Balsas Screech Owl
Afrika-Zwergohreule {f} [ornith.]African Scops Owl
Wallaceeule {f} [ornith.]Wallace's Scops Owl
Fuchseule {f} [ornith.]Spotted Scops Owl
Orient-Zwergohreule {f} [ornith.]Oriental Scops Owl
Fleckeneule {f} [ornith.]Whiskered Screech Owl
Simalureule {f} [ornith.]Simular Scops Owl
Watsoneule {f} [ornith.]Tawny-bellied Screech Owl
Jamaikaeule {f} [ornith.]Jamaican Owl
Gelbrauenkauz {m} [ornith.]Tawny-browed Owl
Bindenkauz {m} [ornith.]Band-bellied Owl
Brillenkauz {m} [ornith.]Spectacled Owl
Lachkauz {m} [ornith.]White-faced Owl
Marmorfischeule {f} [ornith.]Vermiculated Fishing Owl
Bindenfischeule {f} [ornith.]Pel's Fishing Owl
Rotrücken-Fischeule {f} [ornith.]Rufous Fishing Owl
Fahlkauz {m} [ornith.]Hume's Owl
Gelbkauz {m} [ornith.]Fuvous Owl
Brasilkauz {m} [ornith.]Rusty Barred Owl
Malaienkauz {m} [ornith.]Brown Wood Owl
Bartkauz {m} [ornith.]Great Grey Owl
Mangokauz {m} [ornith.]Mottled Wood Owl
Rotfußkauz {m} [ornith.]Rufous-legged Owl
Pagodenkauz {m} [ornith.]Spotted Wood Owl
Streifenkauz {m} [ornith.]Barred Owl
Afrikanischer Waldkauz {m} [ornith.]African Wood Owl
Rundflügelkauz {m} [ornith.]Papuan Hawk Owl
Peruanerkauz {m} [ornith.]Long-whiskered Owlet
Maskeneule {f} [ornith.]Bay Owl
Kongomaskeneule {f} [ornith.]Tanzanian Bay Owl
Goldeule {f} [ornith.]New Britain Barn Owl
Kapgraseule {f} [ornith.]Grass Owl
Hispaniolaschleiereule {f} [ornith.]Ashy-faced Barn Owl
Minahassaeule {f} [ornith.]Minnahassa Masked Owl
Fleckenrußeule {f} [ornith.]Lesser Sooty Owl
Taliabueule {f} [ornith.]Sula Masked Owl
Neuhollandeule {f} [ornith.]Australian Masked Owl
Sulawesieule {f} [ornith.]Sulawesi Masked Owl
Molukkeneule {f} [ornith.]Lesser Masked Owl
Malegasseneule {f} [ornith.]Madagascar Masked Owl
Rußeule {f} [ornith.]Greater Sooty Owl
Fettschwalm {m} [ornith.]Oilbird
Riesenfroschmaul {n} [ornith.]Large Frogmouth
Sundafroschmaul {n} [ornith.]Bornean Frogmouth
Hartertfroschmaul {n} [ornith.]Dulit Frogmouth
Langschwanz-Froschmaul {n} [ornith.]Hodgson's Frogmouth
Javafroschmaul {n} [ornith.]Javan Frogmouth
Borneofroschmaul {n} [ornith.]Sharpe's Frogmouth
Ceylonfroschmaul {n} [ornith.]Ceylon Frogmouth
Graukopf-Froschmaul {n} [ornith.]Pale-headed Frogmouth
Philippinenfroschmaul {n} [ornith.]Philippine Frogmouth
Schuppenfroschmaul {n} [ornith.]Gould's Frogmouth
Marmorschwalm {m} [ornith.]Marbled Frogmouth
Papuaschwalm {m} [ornith.]Papua Frogmouth
Eulenschwalm {m} [ornith.]Tawny Frogmouth
Langschwanz-Tagschläfer {m} [ornith.]Long-tailed Potoo
Tropfentagschläfer {m} [ornith.]Rufous Potoo
Riesentagschläfer {m} [ornith.]Great Potoo
Urutau-Tagschläfer {m} [ornith.]Common Potoo
Weißflügel-Tagschläfer {m} [ornith.]White-winged Potoo
Bergschwalm {m} [ornith.]Mountain Owlet-Nightjar
Archboldbergschwalm {m} [ornith.]Eastern Mountain Owlet-Nightjar
Bennettschwalm {m} [ornith.]Barred Owlet-Nightjar
Molukkenschwalm {m} [ornith.]Halmahera Owlet-Nightjar
Baumschwalm {m} [ornith.]Owlet-Nightjar
Käuzchenschwalm {m} [ornith.]Large Owlet-Nightjar
Schwarzrückenschwalm {m} [ornith.]New Caledonian Owlet-Nightjar
Fleckenschwalm {m} [ornith.]Wallace's Owlet-Nightjar
Savannennachtschwalbe {f} [ornith.]Allied Nightjar
Hindunachtschwalbe {f} [ornith.]Indian Nightjar
Maharadschanacht-schwalbe {f} [ornith.]Indian Long-tailed Nightjar
Guatemalanacht-schwalbe {f} [ornith.]Yucatan Tawny-collared Nightjar
Waldnachtschwalbe {f} [ornith.]Bates' Nightjar
Weißflügel-Nachtschwalbe {f} [ornith.]White-winged Nightjar
Carolinanachtschwalbe {f} [ornith.]Chuck Will's Widow
Weißschwanz-Nachtschwalbe {f} [ornith.]White-tailed Nightjar
Vaurienachtschwalbe {f} [ornith.]Vaurie's Nightjar
Sundanachtschwalbe {f} [ornith.]Bonaparte's Nightjar
Kubanachtschwalbe {f} [ornith.]Greater Antillean Nightjar
Dornbusch-Nachtschwalbe {f} [ornith.]Donaldson Smith's Nightjar
Halsband-Nachtschwalbe {f} [ornith.]Collared Nightjar
Prachtnachtschwalbe {f} [ornith.]Golden Nightjar
Zügelnachtschwalbe {f} [ornith.]Sombre Nightjar
Spixnachtschwalbe {f} [ornith.]Pygmy Nightjar
Dschungelnachtschwalbe {f} [ornith.]Jungle Nightjar
Marmornachtschwalbe {f} [ornith.]Plain Nightjar
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