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Bänderparadiesvogel {m} [ornith.]Wallace's Standardwing
Buschhäher {m} [ornith.]Scrub Jay
Graubrusthäher {m} [ornith.]Mexican Jay
Einfarbhäher {m} [ornith.]Unicoloured Jay
Blauwangenhäher {m} [ornith.]Collie's Magpie-Jay
Langschwanzhäher {m} [ornith.]White-throated Magpie-Jay
Jagdelster {f} [ornith.]Green Magpie
Goldbauchelster {f} [ornith.]Eastern Green Magpie
Buschelster {f} [ornith.]Short-tailed Green Magpie
Trauerblauhäher {m} [ornith.]Purplish-backed Jay
Hartlaubblaurabe {m} [ornith.]Bushy-crested Jay
Acapulcoblaurabe {m} [ornith.]San Blas Jay
Yucatanblaurabe {m} [ornith.]Yucatan Jay
Geierrabe {m} [ornith.]African White-necked Raven
Schildrabe {m} [ornith.]Pied Crow
Bennettkrähe {f} [ornith.]Little Crow
Amerikanerkrähe {f} [ornith.]American Crow
Kapkrähe {f} [ornith.]Black Crow
Sundkrähe {f} [ornith.]Northwestern Crow
Neuhollandkrähe {f} [ornith.]Australian Raven
Erzrabe {m} [ornith.]Thick-billed Raven
Weißhalsrabe {m} [ornith.]White-necked Raven
Sundakrähe {f} [ornith.]Slender-billed Crow
Floreskrähe {f} [ornith.]Flores Crow
Braunkopfkrähe {f} [ornith.]Brown-headed Crow
Hawaiikrähe {f} [ornith.]Hawaiian Crow
Mexikanerkrähe {f} [ornith.]Tamaulipas Crow
Jamaikakrähe {f} [ornith.]Jamaican Crow
Guamkrähe {f} [ornith.]Marianas Crow
Antillenkrähe {f} [ornith.]White-necked Crow
Dschungelkrähe {f} [ornith.]Jungle Crow
Gesellschaftskrähe {f} [ornith.]Little Raven
Geradschnabelkrähe {f} [ornith.]New Caledonian Crow
Kubakrähe {f} [ornith.]Cuban Crow
Salvadorikrähe {f} [ornith.]Australian Crow
Fischkrähe {f} [ornith.]Fish Crow
Palmenkrähe {f} [ornith.]Palm Crow
Borstenrabe {m} [ornith.]Fan-tailed Raven
Wüstenrabe {m} [ornith.]Brown-necked Raven
Sinaloakrähe {f} [ornith.]Sinaloa Crow
Glanzkrähe {f} [ornith.]House Crow
Tasmankrähe {f} [ornith.]Forest Raven
Halsbandkrähe {f} [ornith.]Collared Crow
Greisenkrähe {f} [ornith.]Grey Crow
Celebeskrähe {f} [ornith.]Piping Crow
Banggaikrähe {f} [ornith.]Banggai Crow
Molukkenkrähe {f} [ornith.]Moluccan Crow
Buntschnabelkrähe {f} [ornith.]White-billed Crow
Kapuzenbaumelster {f} [ornith.]Hooded Racquet-tailed Tree Pie
Spatelbaumelster {f} [ornith.]Black Racquet-tailed Tree Pie
Blauhäher {m} [ornith.]Blue Jay
Diademhäher {m} [ornith.]Steller's Jay
Schwarzbrust-Blaurabe {m} [ornith.]Black-chested Jay
Azurblaurabe {m} [ornith.]Azure Jay
Cayenneblaurabe {m} [ornith.]Cayenne Jay
Kappenblaurabe {m} [ornith.]Plush-crested Jay
Krauskopf-Blaurabe {m} [ornith.]Curl-crested Jay
Purpurblaurabe {m} [ornith.]Purplish Jay
Weißnacken-Blaurabe {m} [ornith.]White-naped Jay
Schopfblaurabe {m} [ornith.]Tufted Jay
Fliederblaurabe {m} [ornith.]Azure-naped Jay
Nacktwagen-Blaurabe {m} [ornith.]White-tailed Jay
Hyazinthenblaurabe {m} [ornith.]Violaceous Jay
Grünhäher {m} [ornith.]Green Jay
Silberhäher {m} [ornith.]Silvery-throated Jay
Halsbandhäher {m} [ornith.]Collared Jay
Blaukappenhäher {m} [ornith.]Azure-hooded Jay
Weißkehlhäher {m} [ornith.]White-throated Jay
Zwerghäher {m} [ornith.]Dwarf Jay
Schmuckhäher {m} [ornith.]Beautiful Jay
Schwarzkehlhäher {m} [ornith.]Black-throated Jay
Türkishäher {m} [ornith.]Turquoise Jay
Blaukehlhäher {m} [ornith.]White-collared Jay
Blauelster {f} [ornith.]Azure-winged Magpie
Andamanenbaumelster {f} [ornith.]Andaman Tree Pie
Graubrust-Baumelster {f} [ornith.]Himalayan Tree Pie
Maskenbaumelster {f} [ornith.]Black-browed Tree Pie
Weißbauch-Baumelster {f} [ornith.]Southern Tree Pie
Malaienbaumelster {f} [ornith.]Malaysian Tree Pie
Wanderelster {f} [ornith.]Indian Tree Pie
Strichelhäher {m} [ornith.]Lanceolated Jay
Prachthäher {m} [ornith.]Purple Jay
Nacktschnabelhäher {m} [ornith.]Pinyon Jay
Kiefernhäher {m} [ornith.]Clark's Nutcracker
Meisenhäher {m} [ornith.]Grey Jay
Sichuanhäher {m} [ornith.]Szechwan Grey Jay
Gelbschnabelelster {f} [ornith.]Yellow-billed Magpie
Haubenhäher {m} [ornith.]Crested Jay
Trauerelster {f} [ornith.]Black Magpie
Braunhäher {m} [ornith.]Brown Jay
Schmuckkitta [ornith.]Sri Lanka Blue Magpie
Dickschnabelkitta [ornith.]Taiwan Magpie
Gelbschnabelkitta [ornith.]Yellow-billed Blue Magpie
Rotschnabelkitta [ornith.]Red-billed Blue Magpie
Graubauchkitta [ornith.]White-winged Magpie
Leiterschwanzelster {f} [ornith.]Ratchet-tailed Treepie
Akazienhäher {m} [ornith.]Stresemann's Bush Crow
Mongolenhäher {m} [ornith.]Henderson's Ground Jay
Weißschwanzhäher {m} [ornith.]Biddulph's Ground Jay
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